January 1, 2013


Happy New Year's everyone!  I apologize for the lack of updates on ES during the month of December.  To my surprise (and very much excitement), my boyfriend proposed early on in the month and it seems like the past few weeks have been a whirlwind.  It has been an amazing month of spending time celebrating with family and friends, along with visits to potential wedding venues in between.  We have narrowed down our choices to two venues, one in my hometown of Erie, PA and one in his hometown of Philadelphia.  Regardless of what we decide on, we are both so excited to plan our special day together.

Last night we rang in the new year with a small group of friends in NYC and it was honestly the perfect end to our incredible year.  I truly believe that confetti in your champagne glass is always a good sign for an amazing year to come.  xoxo


  1. Its going to be an AMAZING year I'm sure :) 2013 <3

  2. This year is going to fly by. Enjoy every minute of it. Can't wait til next New Year's Eve!!!!!